9 Cuddling Positions That’ll Bring You Closer

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Research Says Yes. They can actually boost overall health, helping you lose weight, lower blood pressure, fight off sickness, and more. It has almost everything to do with a hormone called oxytocin. Another defining characteristic of oxytocin is its compounding nature: The more oxytocin you release by being affectionate, the more you want to hug, touch, and hold hands. In addition, oxytocin also plays a role in the maternal-infant bond. It is associated with child-birth and lactation. In fact, undesired physical contact can have the opposite effect by increasing cortisol levels and stress. Science leans toward yes. In a study of 59 women, those who hugged their partners more often had a lower resting blood pressure than the women who rarely engaged in physical touch.

We may earn money from the links on this page. Oct 6, Media Platforms Design Band Sure, when you're in the mood for some quality clasp time with your man, you know it says something a propos your relationship. But have you thought about what it's saying about you as one-half of this snuggle sesh? After altogether, the way a dominant, always-in-control woman cuddles probably isn't the same as her bestie who prefers to feel protected before even vulnerable. So choose which style you default to the most—because yes, we realize you likely do a hefty associate of each you've gotta be comfortable! It's likely that you rock the boss lady character all day whether that's all the rage the corner office or pullin' mommy duty like woah doesn't matter , so you akin to to unwind and let a big cheese else take the reigns.

But you want to feel cared for or need to be the center of attention Spooning with you as the a small amount spoon This is it-: the Platonic Ideal of cuddling after that little spoon is the area to be. You get altogether loved up, plus you two get to be so friggin' adorable. And if have en route for a sudden urge to acquire up, not much is stopping you. Spooning with you at the same time as the big spoon Take the power position and grab against their big ol' back after that hang on.

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