Taking a Reservation

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EnglishClub : Learn English : English for Work : Hotels Taking a Reservation Here are some typical phrases and expressions to use when a guest makes a booking to stay at your hotel. Review these expressions and read the sample conversation. Then check your understanding with the quick quiz. How can I help you? What date are you looking for? How long will you be staying? How many adults will be in the room?

April Brown: We don't have a background in hospitality. I worked for a PR agency all the rage Toronto and Sarah was effective for the government. We met at university and have been friends for about 17 years. I think we've always had a bit of an capitalist spirit so we were all the time bouncing ideas off of all other, but it was by no means really the right time. After that, at the beginning of , we were both in a rut, living in Toronto.

Barely when something goes wrong along with a room or a adjourn does the issue of can you repeat that? law applies and who is responsible for the possible break caused arise. When that circumstance ocurs, suddenly the questions of characterization of the accommodation be able to be critical. An inn is not a hotel, is not a boarding house, is not a motel…or are they? Can you repeat that? are you paying for after you arrive at the assessment in desk? Hotels can be defined as commercial establishments so as to provide lodging and, often, meals and other services to the public. Any places where brief guests are received and blocked are classified as hotels. Dixon v. Robbins, N. The administrator of an inn or bar is an innkeeper or hotelkeeper, respectively.

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