A Guide To Cuckolding: The Fetish Where You Enjoy Watching Your Partner Have Sex With Someone Else

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He wants to marry me and grow old with me he says. You say you understand men. He says he is monogamous with me but he really loves the idea of me sleeping with other men on occasion. For example, when he takes a trip skiing with his guy friends, he likes the idea of me just hooking up with someone for sex only, no love connection and then telling him about it when he returns during sex. He gets super aroused by this. What do I do? Should I break things off? Everything else is perfect with him except this. I have not done this for him only in fantasy.

Although what is it, and why do people enjoy it? Activate like your worst nightmare? Not everyone agrees. In November the Independent reported reported that Google searches for 'cuckolding' hit a peak, and according to Google Trends, the UK is agree with only to the Netherlands all the rage searches for the kink.

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