Man Who Wrongfully Spent 17 Years in Prison in ‘Doppelgänger Case’ Seeks $1.1 Million

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Homeless, penniless, and in rags, these poor people were thronging the wharves of Saint Louis, crowding the steamers on the Mississippi River, and in pitiable destitution throwing themselves upon the charity of Kansas. Thousands more were congregating along the banks of the Mississippi River, hailing the passing steamers, and imploring them for a passage to the land of freedom, where the rights of citizens are respected and honest toil rewarded by honest compensation. For African Americans, the redemption of the South by former Confederates after the presidential election resulted in political disfranchisement, economic repression, and relentless terror. The joyful exuberance and hope evident among the freedmen at the end of the Civil War—and during the heady days of Reconstruction and African American political participation—had been dashed. Many black southerners sought to escape this predicament by leaving the region and migrating to states in the North and Midwest. Chief among these destinations was Kansas.

So as to year five of his sons and his son-in-law moved en route for Kansas. In part they went to improve their economic category and find new, virgin country for farming. But they additionally went to spread freedom all the rage the West. Under that act, the settlers themselves would choose the issue of slavery as a result of popular sovereignty. Thus, when the Browns moved to Kansas, they were making a political account to help ensure that Kansas would be a free affirm. During this period, Brown had gradually emerged as an adamant opponent of slavery. He participated in the underground railroad after that in helped found the Association of Gileadites, an organization of whites, free blacks, and abandon slaves dedicated to protecting deserter slaves from slave catchers.

Certainly — I was looking ahead of I was old enough en route for pay rent. I was absolutely there was a future designed for me down south. That affection only increased when I visited Atlanta twice during my boss year of high school. Around, I experienced a sense of belonging and comfort that I had struggled to create designed for myself in Kansas City. I felt like Atlanta was before now my city. I ultimately remained in Missouri for college, attending Washington University in St. I feel at home on the campus, and my time depleted in the city has been mainly enjoyable. However, as my final years of college accost, one question looms larger after that larger: Do I return en route for Kansas City, or head bad to Atlanta? That question has always felt easy to come back with.

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