Dirty Little Secrets review: Brisk busy plotting are secret to Jo Spain's latest success story

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Black list of billionaires who expect 'extras' 'Attendants had trotted off a whole list of jet owners who were known to be 'dodgy', from those who expected sexual favours to those who demanded their staff undergo cosmetic surgery: nips, tucks, Botox, boob enlargements or reductions, etc. He makes the girls take AIDS tests every month, apparently. Saskia was told: 'There must not be one of Irina's hairs in sight anywhere on this aircraft. Savannah's blonde. If she spots one brunette hair she'll suspect Pavel's cheating on her. She went on to say how he'd whisked her off to places all over the world - including Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Hollywood - yet any mention of taking her to his home city of Moscow to meet his parents and he starts to make excuses.

We've got the investigating detectives - about-to-retire Frank and hungry newbie Emma - initially mismatched although ultimately cultivating respect and care for each other. We've got intrigue, sexual shenanigans, families advent apart, individuals breaking down below the pressure of hiding their murky true selves. We've got the deracinated, this could be anywhere language and atmosphere. Our Wicklow village is the English-sounding Marwood; characters are called George and Alison, Olive and Matt; people speak only of constabulary and officers, not the Guards as we do in actual life. We've got the accepted writing style - flat, bracing, neutral. Dirty Little Secrets ticks all the boxes, then, which generally doesn't bode well designed for the reader. Art constructed according to a formula is by no means that appealing. All of this will give the impression so as to I didn't enjoy it.

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