17 Tips from Fit Moms on Finding Time for Exercise

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The New Mother: Taking Care of Yourself After Birth The postpartum period begins after the delivery of your baby and ends when your body has nearly returned to its pre-pregnant state. This period often lasts 6 to 8 weeks. The postpartum period involves your moving through many changes, both emotionally and physically. You are also learning how to deal with all the changes needed with becoming a new mother. The postpartum period also involves you and your partner learning how to care for your newborn and learning how to function as a changed family unit. You need to take good care of yourself to rebuild your strength.

Can you repeat that? Is Down Syndrome? Down condition is a condition in which a baby is born along with an extra chromosome. The above causes delays in the approach a child develops, mentally after that physically. The physical features after that medical problems linked to Along syndrome can vary widely as of child to child. While a few kids need a lot of medical attention, others lead beneficial lives. Down syndrome, also called trisomy 21, can't be prevented.

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