The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Passion and Fulfillment

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Condom or not, modern couplings are self-protective: the very casualness of it all is indicative of timidity and an unwillingness to hazard serious engagement. Longing, devotion, sacrifice, danger have disappeared and with them has gone amplitude of soul, the full sweep that connects the depths of our being with the heights. With the natural lines of communication between the low and the high severed by debunkers like Freud and Nietzscheeros undergoes a kind of detumescence. The upper end of the erotic experience is no longer recognized as such. There is now no point of contact between the real concerns of individuals who in their untutored way continue still to seek human connection and the academic theories foisted upon them. It is not an institutional cure — not, for instance, a proposal for a Great Books curriculum. Bloom conveys very palpably the excitement these books can offer, the kinds of questions they raise, the insights they prompt. The sentimental education one experiences is a refutation of all the fiddlers and debasers.

Shelves: non-fictionpsychologysex The author has a few interesting views I enjoyed his deliniation between the biological procedure of sexual behavior and the psychological nature of eroticism. He presents his case in absolve, compelling language. I only allocate it three stars because I expected a more advanced adventure of the topic; instead, the author could quite make ahead his mind between writing a clinical book and a accepted book. Still, for those attract in the topic, it's a good read.

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