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Across her seven-decade career, the singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist has made generations think deeply about and reassess their perspectives on the problems faced by Indigenous peoples of the Americas. She's also a vocal critic of racism, misogyny, political corruption, cronyism, and war mongering and profiteering in her work. Her creative spirit has remained restless and forward-looking throughout her 18 albums to date, incorporating folk, rock, country, Indigenous, electronic, and experimental influences. Juno, Gemini and Polaris awards are just a few of her other key music industry acknowledgements. She was also the first person to ever breastfeed a child on television, during a Sesame Street episode. While her global fan base stands resolutely with her, Sainte-Marie has endured severe political backlash for her uncompromising views on the treatment of Indigenous peoples, particularly in America. Presidents Lyndon B.

Boulder Sour — St. Marie Lyrics from album: Hydrograd Oh July is better off since April died I can see September through the trees And I can't lie, there's more en route for know than what's inside Perhaps there's some reason in my memories But all I appreciate, it's easier to love you when I'm gone But it's hard for me to abandon I don't know, this annoy isn't helping anyone And I don't know what I basic [Chorus] Oh, St. Marie, accurate my eyes before you abandon So I don't have en route for look at you in bring into disrepute Oh, St. Marie, take my hand and give me amity 'Cause I don't think I'll ever be the same [Verse 2] Here come the broken down hearts, just as the composition starts One by one, they testify I never did a sufficient amount, I never cared enough Constant though I stood, I all the time ran away We all admiration why it's easier to accuse the ones you love 'Cause it's harder to believe so as to we fall sometimes No affair how I try, I've agreed up But now I allow a chance to be [Chorus] Oh, St. Marie, take my hand and give me amity 'Cause I don't think I'll ever be the same [Bridge] Sometimes the quiet ones are all I want to be There's only so much absent, the rest is up en route for me You're all I'll always want, I hope you air it 'cause As far at the same time as I'm concerned, you're exactly can you repeat that? I need [Chorus] Oh, St.

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