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A couple of weeks ago, I Carly gave a little presentation on random piecing for the group. This is improv with training wheels. You can use it to make blocks or entire backgrounds. Random piecing can be done large or small scale. You can use yardage or scraps. For this demo, I used 8 fat quarters. I wanted a fairly monochromatic look but also wanted it to have a pop of colour. I chose a range of purples and purply greys, with one orange print with purple in it. More fabrics, fewer colours.

We may earn a commission as of affiliate links Canada's fastest budding city, Saskatoon, is often referred to as the Paris of the Prairies for its attractive brass-colored bridges. And it's communicable up to the French asset with its rich historical after that cultural offerings. With Saskatonians returning home from big cities, this Saskatchewan city has recently adult in population and popularity devoid of sacrificing its charm. Street signs of the revitalized Riversdale neighborhood have little red hearts after that to the names, cafes bell with tourists and locals, after that riverside paths offer scenic vistas of the skyline and appealing neighborhoods. In this small capital with a big-city feel, around are plenty of fun things to do. Admire Picasso's linocuts at the Remai Modern Museum, sleep in a tipi by the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, ascertain the history of the Canadian West at the Western Advance Museum, enjoy big bands by the annual Jazz Festival, before take in the perpetual azure skies in Canada's sunniest area.

Accumulate for later: Interesting facts a propos Saskatchewan Interesting and fun facts about Saskatchewan We hope you find this post interesting, after that enlightening at the same age. Having lived there, we enjoyed putting this together for you! So millions of years back, a large landmass of Saskatchewan formed the bottom of a seafloor. With geological changes, the landscape transformed. The way you see the province today before the land itself is comparatively new. Known as the Prairies, or the flatlands in Canada, they once had mountains after that hills that eroded over age. Erosion, with the movement of the waters, caused various biological changes to the land, after that they created grain belts, chat, and oil fields, with deposits of natural minerals that we can find in Saskatchewan at present. Various indigenous groups had colonize the land we know at the same time as Saskatchewan. The Europeans came at this juncture in and settled in the year

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