Stop the Meeting Madness

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At its best, an executive meeting strengthens the bonds of your leadership team, surfaces mission-critical problems facing the business, and carves out plans for the future. But as you wade into the executive meeting waters, there are waves that can toss you around. With a limited window of time to cover pressing topics from every corner of the business, the agenda is jam-packed. When wrestling with thorny challenges, heated debates can quickly derail the conversation without a resolution. Annual plans are crafted with care, but without rigorous focus, the business can lose steam. Charting a less choppy course requires careful planning, with tons of prep work that often goes unnoticed.

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Air at your work calendar designed for the week ahead: What emotions does it evoke in you? What three words or phrases come to mind when you think about the meetings you attend regularly? Week by week, did you spend more before less time in meetings than usual? What about day as a result of day?

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