Do male couples agree on their sexual agreements? An analysis of dyadic data

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It asks questions about how and why. Qualitative research might ask questions about why people find it hard to use HIV prevention methods. Qualitative research methods include interviews, focus groups and participant observation. Many people dislike this word as it implies disagreement or conflict. For this qualitative sub-study, the researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 21 participants — ten were HIV-positive and eleven were HIV-negative. They came from 15 different couples and men were interviewed on their own, without their partner present. The majority of couples lived in the same house or apartment and had been together for between one and five years. In all but two couples, the partner living with HIV had been diagnosed before entering the relationship. The median age was 47 and most participants were white.

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Accompany other articles in PMC so as to cite the published article. Beginning Relationship dynamics play an central role in young women's aptitude to protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections STIs and can often block their ability to negotiate designed for safe sex. Furthermore, we depict several common sexual gender norms that decrease young women's sexual relationships power SRP and advance a social climate supportive of condom coercion. This study drawns attention to the concern so as to conventional descriptions of physical, sexual, and psychological violence do not fully recognize the prevalence of coercion in the lives of young urban women.

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