Bad Boys In Black Tie

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That seems like just the kind of thing a data-driven operation might want to quantify. The Seattle Supersonics who came within two games of beating the Chicago Bulls for the NBA title, which is probably more impressive than most championships were badder and better than both the baddest and the best Pistons squads. The Bad Boys Pistons practically led the revolution in unsportsmanlike play in the NBA, practitioners of the technical foul just as the technical foul became more prevalent. In addition to the shifting strategic landscape, a variety of otherwise minor rule changes, rule clarifications and scorekeeping instructions in the NBA may affect cross-era comparison such as breaking out flagrant fouls into their own category, or turning illegal defenses into 3-second violations. In all, I plotted every qualifying team from through last week. For once, a harder look at the data seemingly confirms rather than undermines a popular sports narrative.

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