Prime Video: The 32 best TV shows to watch

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The Pursuit of Love Amazon Studios You're either going to fall madly in love with or arch an unimpressed eyebrow at this romance based on the Nancy Mitford novel of the same name. The Pursuit of Love follows two cousins who represent different ways of life. Lily James is Linda Radlett, whose exuberant romantic adventures see her travel from London to Paris. Emily Beecham, meanwhile, is Fanny Logan, navigating the confinements of married life. If you're in the mood, this three-episode miniseries will sweep you up into a story of happiness and sadness, laughter and pain. Modern Love — Amazon Studios Grab your blanket and a cup of tea for this sweet, cosy viewing.

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The Santa Clause. All those things you used to watch are coming back so we be able to all just feel something. PT Remember those guys? Yeah you do. The streaming service you forgot you pay for is bringing back that movie before TV show you watched all the rage the '80s or '90s before whatever. This new version is a reimagining that pays deference to the original while attractive the franchise in new after that exciting directions, according to Array. It's a sequel or maybe a spiritual sequel, unless it's a prequel. The main appeal has been gender-flipped or race-flipped or it's just the alike guy but now they've got a kid they don't absorb and their text messages act on the screen.

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