The pressure to work out in lockdown may be triggering for people with exercise addiction

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Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro. After that, despite the fact that sport has been cancelled, gyms are closed and group exercise is off the table, people are stepping up and finding add ways to keep active. All the rage fact, new research conducted as a result of WAU has found that individual in three are exercising add since lockdown measures began, along with running and cycling being the preferred ways to keep able-bodied. While this is largely cheer, for some people, the concentrated focus on staying active after that keeping healthy is really arduous to manage. With such a sudden influx of fitness address on social media, TV after that radio, for people who battle with exercise addiction, it be able to be really triggering. Exercise compulsion is an unhealthy obsession along with physical fitness, which is a lot inextricably linked to body air disorders and eating disorders. Signs of exercise addiction include exercising in secret, continuing to application even if it is causing you harm, and obsessing above exercise. Rachel Egan, a blogger and mental health campaigner as of London, says excessive exercise has been a huge part of her eating disorder, which she has had for around 14 years. At its peak, Rachel would work out at abode, compulsively walk and run arrange the spot, and spend elongate hours in the gym.

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