Dirty Secrets Your S/O Only THINKS You Don’t Know

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Though such statements may be okay for a laugh every now and then, actually buying into them can be an entirely different matter. In my time working as a couple and relationship counselor or therapist in Palo Alto I have worked with all kinds of couples and relational dynamics. Something I have come across on more than one occasion is men and women who are involved with someone who is already committed to someone else. A Bit About Dirty Little Secrets I once had a friend, an intelligent and accomplished as a student can be at university level who admitted to me on one particular night, that the man she had been seeing was, one of our professors. My first reaction was disgust and anger at this older married man who was clearly taking advantage of my innocent friend. When their interaction however continued and was still a thing a year down the line, I called her out on it. What she said, both shocked and stayed with me for years to come; I like being his dirty little secret. You could be a man dating a married woman or a woman dating a married man, a man dating a married man, a woman dating a married woman and so on. Who Gets Hurt?

Cloudy little secrets: Are you individual of them? Surprisingly, many ancestor admitted that they had actually faced that kind of circumstance. One woman said that she had been with a be in charge of for ten years who by no means admitted it to anyone as of her weight. She finally came to her senses although she will never get so as to decade back.

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