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The great and good of Western Australia have assembled here in Perth. Stephen particularly, it's great to see you again. Clearly post-politics life has treated you very, very well and you're looking very well, as of course is Richard Court who did a tremendous job not only as Premier of Western Australia but the work he did on behalf of the Australian Government in being Ambassador to Japan through some incredibly important engagements we have had, particularly moving towards the RAA, our defence agreement with Japan which we're looking to finalise over the course of this year. Richard and I worked pretty closely on that, and very pleased with the progress that we were able to make. And of course, when you've got a former Chief Justice sitting next to you, it's important to recognise his great service to our country. Can I also thank the traditional owners. I was recently in New Zealand, and as part of our dialogue with the New Zealand Government one of the things that we share in common with New Zealand is we both draw on rich Indigenous histories.

Discovered in January , this elongate period comet is making its first entry to the central solar system in about 80, years. It is moving arrange a retrograde orbit so travels the opposite way around the sun to Earth and a good number other things in the astral system. Image: 5 January presents a nice alignment of planets to backdrop your comet hunting! The comet has shown erratic signs of activity and is hovering around magnitude , barely audible but certainly something you be able to see with binoculars or a small scope in a able sky. The comet reaches perihelion on 3 January, after which it will leave the astral system never to return.

Agreement 1 With five tours en route for choose from, departing Fremantle before Rottnest Island, Charter 1's comfy and spacious catamaran 'Capella' is the perfect platform to deal with the best of Perth's area waters. Visit shallow reefs after that interact with local marine animation at Carnac or Rottnest Atoll, guided by qualified marine biologists and yachtmasters. Enjoy a admiring antipasto platter as you attend to the sun set over the Indian Ocean with a beaker of bubbles. Capella can additionally be privately chartered for groups of up to Avoid This Set sail for Bandit Island these school holidays! Buried deTours Indulge in a calm and entertaining day out exploring hidden bars in Perth, tasting gin with local distillers, before sipping on craft beer along with brewers. Hidden deTours offer one-of-a-kind tours on foot and as a result of bus in Perth and en route for the South West. Hidden places, spaces and experiences are apt for the taking on circuit. Lumber Punks guides and empowers their guests in the ability of Axe Throwing through a curated 1.

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