Names That Mean King Queen Ruler or Royal

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Royal baby names are usually selected for their strength, beauty, and historical significance. This strong name goes back centuries and is derived from the name of Roman emperor Hadrian, who had his army build a huge wall in Britain. The name has also been held by many popes. Albert, meaning noble and bright, has been a prevalent name in many royal families. This is a royal name with lots of heritage. For example, this powerful royal name is shared by historical rulers such as Alexander the Great. Many saints and Hungarian kings have held this name, which means manly in Greek. Based on the German name Archibald, which is a combination of words meaning genuine and bold, this name has been used by many British noblemen. Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire and succeeded Julius Caesar.

Arabic names are popular for their meaning and beauty. Hazel: Hazel is an English word designed for the color light brown before the tree. Hazel eyes are some of the most attractive colored eyes on the globe. Idoya: Spanish, the language accepted for its lyrical beauty, is also popular for beautiful names.

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