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Quinoa 11 November Warning: Spoilers Gone Girl would appear to be, from the book by Gillian Flynn also the writerabout marriage, and love and trust, and what happens in a marriage after that trust is broken and people can't be together the same way again. One has seen this before - one of Fincher's influences, Kubrick, certainly had that with Eyes Wide Shut in a way - and will again in movies and fiction. But what's startling and makes Gone Girl much more impactive is that Flynn and David Fincher are out to look at something else and something Fincher has in small part before : the media and perception. But both sides are compelling, and the merging of the two topics on display in the film, of the twisting of relationships and twists of the media screws, make for a helluva movie experience The film is split in two parts really, and the divider has to do with what happens when SPOILER Amy Dunn explains what her whole plan is to the audience. Before this, we only hear her thoughts from her diary. This is chronicling her relationship with Nick Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck respectivelywho first meet in one of those clever meet-cutes that isn't super cute and shows how each is quick-witted and good at talk, almost like Fincher doing a bit of 30's screwball which he's done, in his cool-quirky manner in Fight Club. And they do love each other, and each other's bodies, as Amy even says We are so cute together, and then

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