Shamail Muhammadiyah 13

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And then he stood up to pray and he did not make will do. This is of course only being brought here for the particular reason that there is a narration that talks about how the prophets a lot a Salaam ordered or he rather suggested that a person should make will do after they eat something that has been cooked over the fire. And then later on this was abrogated minzu that when the Prophet Salamis and saw that now the Sahaba the Muslims generally have some good hygiene and etiquette and disregard, then he no longer mandated he no longer necessitated it. So from the very beginning he never suggested that someone should do what ritualistically what we call the will do the activity bother, but rather he just meant wash up after you're done. This particular Hadith Abdullah bin how they throw the Allahu taala. And who says that we ate with the Messenger of Allah Salah, some roasted meat in the machine. In a situation like this where we have carpets and things like that there could be problematic. And it has no religious or spiritual bearings, right? It's not like other types of things.

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