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Your experience Our support Through our Exchange or Study Abroad program, you'll get support and advice throughout the process, including assistance with your application, arrival and settling in and exploring what our campus and Melbourne life has to offer. Focus-top-left Focus-bottom-right Your studies Flexible and focused, you'll study a globally competitive curriculum that couples broad undergraduate studies with postgraduate specialisations. You can choose from a wide range of disciplines, that align with your home institution studies. Focus-top-left Focus-bottom-right Your campus On campus you'll never get bored! You can join student clubs, attend social events, use a range of facilities, and make new friends from all over the world. Focus-top-left Focus-bottom-right Your teachers When you start class, your lecturers and tutors will guide you through your classes, helping broaden your knowledge and prepare you for your future studies and career. Our academics include business leaders, Nobel Laureates and Rhodes Scholars.

Individual issue is the gap amid students' prior expectations and the realities of university life, which can cause significant distress, bad academic performance and increased abandon rates if not managed actually. Research has shown several similarities in the expectations of baton and students in regards en route for which factors determine academic accomplishment, but there is also confirmation of dissonance. For example, baton consider independent study and analytical evaluation as key factors, but students view feedback on drafts of work and support as of staff as being most central. The aim of the contemporary study was to determine can you repeat that? expectations students hold when early university education, and what expectations university lecturers have of students entering university. Results revealed so as to students have largely realistic expectations of university. For example, the majority expected to be all the rage charge of their own analyse. Some unrealistic expectations were additionally evident, e. The expectation so as to lecturers would provide detailed notes varied as a function of student age.

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