‘Assholes’: Film Review

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The title of this column may seem a bit harsh. My key point in this column is that we need to support, defend, and promote our artisans, or artists, and we need to eliminate the assholes from our organizations. In practice, I see a lot of managers who do not support their artisans—their greatest performers—but hold onto and even reward their assholes. In the end, an organization that rewards the wrong people can destroy its effectiveness and drive the most talented people out.

Alas, once alcohol is thrown addicted to the mix all bets are off. The Kleptomaniac This person is sneaky and most of the time, hard to apprehend. The worst part? The Caustic Drunk This person has denial chill level whatsoever. He storms into the party, shouts a bite obnoxious, punches a couple holes in the wall, breaks a bottle, and then leaves. Denial matter the mood of the party, he is always looking to start something. To addition this up quickly, he is the epitome of an asshole.

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