Why is it that some friendships develop into something romantic?

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Steve Lehman was a college senior near Philadelphia when he started to realize something wonderful and terrifying. He was afraid. But again, this was senior year, and life is short. Things finally came to a head one night as they finished watching a Bruce Springsteen documentary on Netflix. The Boss said something beautiful about life and love to end the movie. Both of them cried as the credits rolled, and she was struck by how moved he was. Meanwhile, Steve was seconds from telling her everything. And Katya? Heterosexual cross-sex friendships are common but a relatively recent thing in most societies, says Heidi Reeder, a communication professor at Boise State University.

Dearth makes the heart grow fonder. There's a reason why the old sentiment is such a classic. Spending time apart gives you a chance to be a sign of on your relationship, gets you out of your routine after that, most obviously and perhaps a good number significantly! Get on the buzz and schedule that girls' weekend that you and your friends keep talking about, visit your mother or give yourself the gift of some time abandoned. A little bit of age spent apart will make a big difference in how you reconnect afterwards.

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