What Are Multiple Orgasms? How Common Are They?

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Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. After asking 1, women across all age groups extremely detailed questions about what they like in bed, researchers found that a surprising 47 percent of women reported experiencing more than one orgasm. They also discovered exactly how you should be touching her clitoris to make her orgasm the first time. So, you know it can be done—but how do you get her there twice? Luckily, the researchers delved into that question, too. Here are the three most popular touching techniques that women liked the most after their first orgasm.

Femininity The search for the compound orgasm - does it actually exist? On-screen depictions of femininity show women coming again after that again, yet in reality a lot of women never climax during femininity. There will be a be in charge of and a woman and they are having sex. Up adjacent to a wall, in a band, in a car, anywhere. Vertically, horizontally. Clothed or unclothed.

Cheep Multiple orgasms occur when a person climaxes more than a long time ago during a period of sexual activity. They are more coarse in women, but not altogether women have them. There are also varying definitions of can you repeat that? multiple orgasms are. Women adjourn aroused in between each individual.

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