Sit Pretty How to Facesit for Ultimate Pleasure

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Laurie Mintz. In a world where fetishes and kinks such as capnolagnia a smoking fetishand cuckolding being sexual aroused by seeing your partner with another person exist, facesitting is actually one of the easier ones to decipher. Sounds like quite the party, right? How do you do that? Allow your weight to fall on your legs, not him. Give his chest a little straddle to see how it feels. For the most comfortable result, allow yourself to be close to the headboard of the bed or the wall.

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A minute ago want to hook up carefully and have some fun. Not looking for relationships unless it more The definition of FaceSitting is exactly what you'd conjecture from the name. It's a sex act where one affiliate sits on the face of his or her lover allowing for oral-genital or oral-anal encouragement. Some people see facesitting at the same time as an act of domination anywhere the person who's face is being sat upon is affected to perform oral on the partner above. This does not have to be the argument, as many prefer this arrange because they enjoy being surrounded by their partner's generals.

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