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Watch the sunset from the top of a mountain Add to Bucket ListAdd to Bucket ListBucket List Climbing a mountain is hard, but the view from the top is generally worth the trek. Watching the sunset over that view definitely makes it worth the trek. Just be careful getting back down in the dark. Nothing really happens. Not so with a meteor shower! A good reminder that Earth is just a big old rock hurtling through space. The weight of the keys makes tapping away at an old typewriter oddly cathartic. The point of Minimalism is not to live in an empty white room or give away all your stuff, but to buy and consume things consciously instead of automatically, and to find meaning in people instead of things. Put my hand print into wet concrete Add to Bucket ListAdd to Bucket ListBucket List Imprint yourself on your local footpath for all eternity by sticking your hand in some freshly laid cement.

Individual of the 12 Steps en route for Happiness is: Experience new things, try stuff out, and accede to people run all kinds of experiments. New experiences that be on the edge of our comfort zone is usually anywhere growth is. Why and after do new experiences increase happiness? Tell me if you accede with these: They bring you a new perspective, insight. They open the way to changing something. They can simply make good or rejuvenate your mind, amount or spirit.

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