Transcript: Home of the Dragons

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October 21, P. EDT MR. Are you close to a done deal? This is a — this is a big deal.

After that the Carroll School Board is more than four hours addicted to a virtual meeting. It's so as to early stage of the bubonic plague when everything is on Burn, which is why you're gonna hear some buffering sounds after that dogs barking in the backdrop, as school board members aim to navigate the biggest argument to hit the city of Southlake, probably ever. Moore: --and I'll just-- and-- and I'm just gonna lay it absent here, because everyone is laying it out, right? Hixenbaugh: That's Michelle Moore, the school embark member who vowed to accomplish changes after a video of students yelling the N-word went viral almost two years earlier. Moore: In many cases-- Hixenbaugh: Now she's school board head.

This is a series about a pretty raw fight over battle and identity, and at times over the six episodes you're going to hear racial slurs and harsh language that associate to key parts of the story. We've tried to border them, but there are moments when we think it's central to hear the actual words, however offensive. Thanks for listening. Male Voice: He grabbed my son, which is part of my person. He attacked me. Officer, you need to accomplish something about this. Female Voice: Yeah. Male Voice: That is the law.

Adoration bombing, however, is another account. It happens when someone overwhelms you with loving words, actions, and behavior as a direction technique. All of this be able to seem harmless enough, but the point is to manipulate you into thinking you owe them something. We all crave appreciation, but constant praise can accomplish your head spin. Take addendum if they begin texting you early in the morning after that every hour on the hour. If what they say sounds right out of a big screen, take heed, Westbrook notes.

Reynolds Delivers Condition of the Affirm Gov. President, Mr. Speaker, Deputy Governor, legislative leaders and members, justices and judges, my associate Iowans: Two years ago, Ilee and Michael Muller were active in California but they were looking for something else. A bite away from the hustle after that bustle, the crowded highways after that high cost of living. They had visited the city of Elk Horn in Shelby district and fallen in love along with it, so when a bistro came up for sale, they made the leap and deposit their faith in Iowa. They bought an acreage outside of town, packed their belongings, after that began to build a animation and introduce themselves and their two daughters to the area. They opened their restaurant, Adorn on Main, in March of —and you know what came next. The community came together—and came in droves to the restaurant window to buy their unique pizzas.

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