XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

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Since this was first reported on by the press and discovered by the public in lateEFF has been at the forefront of the effort to stop it and bring government surveillance programs back within the law and the Constitution. Those news reports, combined with a USA Today story in May and the statements of several members of Congress, revealed that the NSA is also receiving wholesale copies of American's telephone and other communications records. All of these surveillance activities are in violation of the privacy safeguards established by Congress and the US Constitution. In earlyEFF obtained whistleblower evidence. In Junethe media, led by the Guardian and Washington Post started publishing a series of articles, along with full government documents, that have confirmed much of what was reported in and and then some. The reports showed-and the government later admitted—that the government is mass collecting phone metadata of all US customers under the guise of the Patriot Act. Klein first revealed in Currently, EFF is representing victims of the illegal surveillance program in Jewel v.

The NSA boasts in training materials that the program, called XKeyscore, is its widest-reaching system designed for developing intelligence from the internet. The latest revelations will add together to the intense public after that congressional debate around the amount of NSA surveillance programs. They come as senior intelligence officials testify to the Senate bench committee on Wednesday, releasing confidential documents in response to the Guardian's earlier stories on almost all collection of phone records after that Fisa surveillance court oversight. The files shed light on individual of Snowden's most controversial statements, made in his first capture interview published by the Custodian on June US officials vehemently denied this specific accusation. Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House intelligence agency, said of Snowden's assertion: He's lying. It's impossible for him to do what he was saying he could do.

Disclosures have shown that, until a moment ago, the government regularly tracked the calls of hundreds of millions of Americans. The Patriot Accomplish has also made it easier for the government to be involved in espionage on Americans right here by home over the past 15 years. History has shown so as to powerful, secret surveillance tools bidding almost certainly be abused designed for political ends. The ACLU has been at the forefront of the struggle to rein all the rage the surveillance superstructure, which strikes at the core of our rights to privacy, free address, and association. In June , The Guardian published documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden confirming the massive scale of this international dragnet. The case, Forgiveness v. Through Upstream surveillance, the U.

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