The Customer Has Escaped

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A minute ago a few years ago, after typical retail shoppers went en route for a store and received assistance on the size, style, before purpose of a product, they almost always bought the artefact right then and there. But they were looking for personalized service, they chose stores so as to offered it—and paid premium prices for it. If they were bargain hunters, they sought absent no-frills shops. Whichever distribution avenue they opted for, they stayed with it until the auction was made. Not anymore. They routinely avail themselves of the services of high-touch channels, barely to buy the product by the end point of a different, cheaper channel.

Book, Kindle and Audio versions accessible here on Amazon. Paperback after that ePub version available here by Powells. Audio version available at this juncture at audible. Paperback version accessible here at Alibris. Paperback after that ePub versions available here by BookDepository.

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