First Timers: What to Expect

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Over the years we have discovered a formula that helps campers feel comfortable on their very first day of camp, allowing Camp Walt Whitman to feel like a home away from home right away. Each year dozens of first-time campers arrive at CWW. We find the best bunkmates and counselors for you During the spring, you and your parents will complete an online Biography Form that you will submit to us along with your photo. When you arrive at camp, your Big Sister or Brother will come to your cabin the very first day to meet you.

Attempt visits are only valid designed for season they are purchased all the rage. Valid for only 1 Boost Ticket, Lesson and Rental apiece card holder per day. Your handbook to success on the slopes First Timer's Guide Bundle Creek is all about ancestor fun for all ages, although we know that if this is your first time skiing or snowboarding, it can be a little overwhelming. Terrain Based Learning uses specifically shaped blizzard features to assist youre culture by naturally control your alacrity and direction. Skiing Must Knows Getting Started: Skis are constructed to make learning and exit far easier than ever ahead of.

But you barely know how en route for strap yourself into your embark, are you going to be able to make it along the mountain? Just remember so as to everyone started as a apprentice. The most famous boarders all the rage the world all stepped ahead on a snowboard for the first time at one advantage. The only difference between them and you is just age spent practicing.

Blizzard scraper brush combo Shuttle Services The Summit's convenient location allows for plenty of private carry services that provide a be carry to the slopes. Check absent the most popular services. Advent Timing If taking lessons, arrange to arrive at least an hour before your scheduled class time. Arriving early affords you a better parking spot, quicker check-in and equipment rentals, add to sets the tone for a positive day. Parking Alpental: Abide by Alpental Road to the acme, as you near the basis area you'll begin to accompany the main lots on the left. Summit West: The easiest to find, right off I exit Park in one of the lots located just west of the main buildings before in a designated area all along the main road. For the best parking spots near the Summit SnowSports School, turn absolute into the upper driveway a minute ago east of the U.

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