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Men A man's greatest sexual hangup is his potency - his power of erection and ejaculation. But Emmanuel Reynaud argues that sexual power is the least of a man's problems. His real malaise is the absence of pleasure. And his real sickness is frigidity. MEN don't really understand sex. What should be an experience of communication and delight is, for a man, just a struggle and a means of asserting his domination over a woman. The language he uses expresses his general attitude perfectly: he 'fucks' and she 'gets fucked'. And it is reflected in the images he has of his penis. He does not really perceive its softness and sensitivity, its fragility and its potential for pleasure.

Absolute, I thought. It was the latter. Some women scream. A few cry. Some laugh. I before now have a major hang ahead about my chin generally. Although now I will be accepted wisdom about this the next age I have sex.

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