Submission Story – Spending Time With Daddy

Submissive woman for 49668

Synopsis: Jack, donw on his luck, submits to be the abject, bound, whipped sex slave of Mark, a sadistic bastard. Training the daughter to be a sex slave like her beautifu; mother. Comment: Synopsis: A girl decides to make some money out of her gigantic well used cunt. After increasing Jennifer's already-huge breasts to an F-cup, the submissive twins are initiated into the life of the Palace, where cocks must be larger than ten inches and young, big-titted whores and beautiful bottom boys alike must submit to all. She seeks out ever more humiliation and sexual abuse as she follows a path from common fucktrash to accomplished painslut. Comment: Synopsis: Submissive teen-ager and her dominant brother find others with similar tastes. Complications ensue. Comment: Capture and training of a slave : by MasterD Synopsis: Middle age man comes into money and deides only a slave will make his lfe complete. The object of the training is total control over every aspect of slaves life.

I was reading by candlelight after I glanced up to appreciate my Master, clad only all the rage shorts, as he stood looking out the sliding glass access. I know how much you enjoy doing that. When it was time, we decided en route for take a short-cut back en route for the apartment by way of the courtyard. Because we were already soaking wet, we a minute ago crawled in. He must allow sensed my concern for body spotted because he reassured me that it was far also dark out for anyone en route for be able to see us. Not wanting to displease him by hesitating further, I knelt in front of him. He smiled down at me after that brushed my cheek gently along with his hand. Once my breasts were freed he tenderly grasped one in each hand after that began to massage the nipples.

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