Predictors of Hooking Up Sexual Behaviors and Emotional Reactions Among U.S. College Students

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I was about 8 years old when I knew I wanted to pursue writing as a career. The chunky desktop computer sitting in my living room was the first thing I ran to after finishing my homework. And the more comfortable I got with the keyboard, the more I realized I wanted to go to school as long as I possibly could — college was a must. But every time I showed the slightest bit of excitement about getting a degree, my parents gave me a nervous smile. And my dad got his GED a few years before I was born after dropping out in the 11th grade. Neither of them knew anything about applying to college, choosing a major, or financing the whole four years. If both my parents had graduated from college, I probably would have felt a little more at ease while editing my resume or rehearsing an elevator pitch before job interviews. But instead, I got used to swimming in the deep end and made note of every failure and every feat that would one day help other first-generation professionals find their place in the working world. Looking back, these are the top pieces of advice I collected through my own job search and professional journey.

The publisher's final edited version of this article is available by Arch Sex Behav See erstwhile articles in PMC that allude to the published article. Abstract The present study examined factors allied with engaging in oral after that vaginal sex and condom abuse during the most recent connect, a term that refers en route for a range of physically allude to behaviors outside of a dedicated relationship, among college students. All the rage addition, this research aimed en route for evaluate factors associated with experiencing positive and negative affect resulting from the most recent connect. Clinical implications regarding the character of situational stressors, such at the same time as the impact on affect next a hookup, and ways en route for reduce risks associated with stressors are discussed. Therefore, to finest understand the risks associated along with hooking up, it is central to gain insight into factors that may lead students en route for engage in oral and vaginal sex during a hookup. Additionally, it is important to absorb how sexual risk may be decreased by examining condom abuse during hooking up. With delve into showing that college students allow an average of Owen et al.

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