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Opinion comment, opinion WHEN we think about what we want for most in life we might be tempted to think of personal success or a good job or making a lot of money. However, if we paused and thought a little more deeply, many people would probably say that above all they wanted to have a happy marriage, and a stable and loving family life. In the end we humans want happiness. We can be attracted to the idea that material success or material comforts will bring us happiness, but we know that such happiness is passing. Real happiness is found in solid and lasting relationships, which are characterised by love.

The ban on same-sex marriages causes a lot of problems after that pain. Without a marriage credential it can be harder designed for same-sex partners to prove their legal rights, especially in an emergency. I recently spoke en route for a Tasmanian man whose manly partner died suddenly and who was denied the chance en route for see the body in hospice, and attend the funeral, although having the legal right en route for do both. The trauma this caused could have been avoided by if the bereaved affiliate had a certificate to act they were married. Exclusion as of marriage sends negative messages so as to hurt young gay people after that the children of same-sex couples. It re-inforces old stereotypes a propos same-sex unions being less adore and stable, and about gay people growing old alone. It can represent increased commitment en route for spouses and bring increased feelings of acceptance by family after that community.

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