Game thread: Let the fun begin!

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Looking for anybody let the fun begin Let Fun Begin Quotes Know your rules This might seem incredibly basic, but even veteran fantasy basketball players often assume they know their league rules even when they don't. The result of overlooking a rule can be costly, so be sure you know the rules before your draft. Go to your fantasy basketball league page, click on League, then Settings. Here, you'll be able to find all the rules that are in place for your league this season. This includes roster construction, scoring, schedule, playoff structure and more. Take the time to carefully go over every section. To make sure you understand the thinking behind each rule, check out our League Settings overview. A city ordinance from allows live amplified music only indoors and with windows closed because of noise concerns.

April 9, When your family has to stay inside for being, weeks, or even longer periods of time—boredom can set all the rage quickly. It might be alluring to let your kids consume hours in front of a screen, but many experts advise limiting their screen time. Allow a game night. Bring absent the board games, and accede to the fun begin! To ahead the ante, consider a competition, with small prizes for the winners. Games like Monopoly after that Life are great ways en route for teach kids about the amount of money.

A city ordinance from allows animate amplified music only indoors after that with windows closed because of noise concerns. Business owners all the rage the historic downtown district after that Paseo Santa Fe corridor allow made numerous requests to adjust the law. The council was set to discuss a proposed change at the Nov. The council unanimously embraced the aim. City staff members will arrival next month with a proposed amendment to the noise ceiling, which will include limits arrange how loud the entertainment be able to be and enforcement actions adjacent to violators. The historic downtown area and Paseo Santa Fe access strip are designated arts and background districts in the downtown aspect plan in part because of the number of craft breweries and specialty restaurants in the area, a staff report notes.

A couple of good games, denial major upsets essentially meaning insignificant person lost to Kansas. Things affecting along in a fairly amenable fashion. Then Texas — Oklahoma showed up to the accessory so drunk they could hardly get in the door. Accurately everybody watching that game: TCU blows out Texas Tech …Baylor blows out West Virginia…OU has a QB controversy…Texas has the most athletic bad defense ever… All of this queues ahead what should be a chain of weekends that will also quickly clear up the battle for the Big 12 battle game rematch or create constant more confusion. All start times are Eastern.

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