100 Women: 'As a disabled woman I had to battle to get married'

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People with disabilities have consistently described how transportation barriers affect their lives in important ways. Over the last two decades the National Organization on Disability NOD has sponsored three successive Harris polls with people with disabilities, and respondents in each survey have reported that transportation issues are a crucial concern. In the last survey, undertaken injust under a third of those with disabilities reported that inadequate transportation was a problem for them; of those individuals, over half said it was a major problem. The more severe the disability of the respondent was, the more serious were the reported transportation problems National Organization on Disability-Harris Interactive, Moreover, these debates often focus on some topics at the expense of other equally important issues. For example, there is a legitimate concern about ensuring that people with disabilities receive the services mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act ADAbut most of the transportation needs of these travelers are not addressed at all by the ADA. To expand traditional discussions, this paper makes a clear distinction between the kinds of transport services and facilities that are required by regulations or law and those that are required to address the far larger mobility needs of most people with disabilities. This paper addresses local ground transportation; beyond its scope are issues of air, sea, and intercity travel for people with disabilities.

Assembly the adjustment Adjusting to animation with a disability can be a difficult transition. You are still in control of your life and there are a lot of ways to improve your autonomy, sense of empowerment, and attitude. Most of us expect en route for live long, healthy lives. After that you are not alone. Millions of people have traveled this road before you the CDC estimates that 1 in 5 Americans is disabled and bring into being ways to not just carry on, but thrive. You can, also. Learn to accept your disability It can be incredibly arduous to accept your disability. Acknowledgment can feel like giving in—throwing in the towel on animation and your future.

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