Able-bodied woman who married disabled man hits back at trolls who called their marriage a 'joke'

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About sharing The BBC has revealed its list of inspiring and influential women from around the world for This year Women is highlighting those who are hitting reset - women playing their part to reinvent our society, our culture and our world. Women from Afghanistan make up half of this year's list, some of whom appear under pseudonyms and without photos for their own safety. The resurgence of the Taliban in August has changed the lives of millions of Afghans - with girls banned from receiving secondary education, the ministry for women's affairs being disbanded, and women in many cases told not to return to work.

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Ann M. Fox Davidson College E-mail: anfox davidson. In this article, I argue that recognizing the disability presence in Albee's act as embodied in the work's references to eugenics is additionally important to a fuller accept of the play's revolutionary character. Through his references to pronatalism as well as genetic business and sterilization, Albee invokes the presence of those disabled bodies upon whose oppression the adaptation of normalcy over the twentieth-century has rested. In this approach, we can come to accompany that disability does not austerely metaphorize the gender oppression after that middle-class complacency the play attacks, but is itself also accepted and historicized. Reading Albee's act in this way further suggests the importance of re-reading canonical drama through the lens of disability studies.

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