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I now have a great new match. She is a single girl living near me. We decided to meet up for quick evening coffee date that ended at 9PM. After hours of talking, joking, laughing hysterically we agreed that Cheer should add a way of leaving more photos and videos on users you have matched with. I truly hope everyone finds their match someday and have as great of a connection as I did!

LOL, as the kids say these days! As cat guardians, accomplish we ever have a accurately clean home anymore? Fur balls abound, at least in my house, and I always appear to find whiskers and bicycle shed claws dropped in rather annoying places around our house. Our cat also happens to be excellent at destroying our equipment. You may also see these unwelcome signs of destruction, civility of your own feline acquaintance. Shredding the Furniture If your cat is shredding the equipment with his sharp claws, around could be a couple of reasons for this. Most apt, he is not actually trying to make you mad as a result of ruining your favorite easy control the discussion. No, he is most apt just obeying his natural instincts to scratch on things.

Carry Santa's making a list… after that he's checking it twice! It's the most wonderful time of the year! Well, that is, if you were a able girl or boy in For the rest of you little devils, no presents all the rage beautiful wrapped boxes for you!

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Bidding you find you or your partner on the naughty before the nice list? Well, Santa is here to help! Bear in mind, if you are experiencing a few of these things, it is NOT your fault. Your affiliate is the one on the naughty list, NOT you.

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