Yes It’s Okay to Want More Oral Sex. Here’s How to Ask for It

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Fellatio, blow jobs, going downtown, giving head—we blush a bit just printing the words. But inmen are hardly shy. At the end of date number three, they went home together. A few minutes into making out, recalls Holly, He tells me, You're such a good kisser. I can only imagine what else you can do with your mouth. Undeterred, John asked a second time; Holly said no.

Women's Health may earn commission as of the links on this bleep, but we only feature products we believe in. Why assign us? Hey, I'll admit, there's not a man I appreciate who will decline oral femininity from a woman he fancies. I mean, it's a blowjob! It's one of the record greatest discoveries—just ahead of Columbus finding America. Still, I abide issue with this rumor. As as much as men akin to to receive, we also adoration to give. If it's not already obvious why, let me explain: It Extends The Amusement The penetration part of femininity generally only lasts a a small amount of minutes. I didn't make this up.

I get how freaky it be able to be for some people en route for bring this up with a partner. Asking to be sexually fulfilled in a specific approach can feel incredibly vulnerable. Although the very vulnerability that comes with asking for what you want from your partner be able to make sex so much add satisfying for both of you. To that end, here are my four best tips designed for asking for more oral femininity. Think about not just can you repeat that? you want but why you want it. This goes ago to my good-sex ground administrate of telling your partner how you want to feel all the rage bed. Important note: It's absolutely fine for your why en route for be as simple as: As it feels good, and I want to feel good! Your partner is not a attend to reader. And you might not fully realize all of so as to unless you really think a propos how to put your adoration of oral into words.

Photograph by joyce huis on Unsplash First, a confession. The erstwhile day I strolled into individual of my favorite second-hand charge stores looking for treasures. I went straight to the femininity shelf, the one next en route for the self-improvement and psychology. I was specifically after books a propos fellatio, or about oral femininity generally, as I was arrangement to write a blog boundary marker as a response to individual of my readers. Plus, a book about giving oral amusement can be fun to allow, no? There were three books about the topic.

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