Everything You Need to Know About the G Spot

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How can you find it? As you begin to explore your bodydo what feels best to you. Like other erogenous zonespreferences can vary from person to person. Remember that masturbation is completely normal and it can be a healthy part of any relationship. By taking time to explore your own preferences, you can use that information to instruct your partner on what you enjoy most during sex. Try positions that allow you a little more control over your movements so you can figure out what types of stimulation you enjoy most. While there are many sex positions that can help you achieve this, here are three to try.

After you're sound asleep, you accomplish not. If you experience dark sweats, you're probably all also familiar with waking up clamminess or drenched in sweat. You've probably also said to by hand, more than once, This can't be normal. Aarthi Ram, neurologist and sleep medicine expert by Houston Methodist. Drinking before bedtime Having a drink or two in the evening may activate relaxing, but it can advance to increased body temperature — and therefore sweating.

Designed for one woman in Washington, DC, a roll in the feed with her husband zapped her memory Her memories began en route for disappear about an hour afterwards intercourse, and doctors diagnosed her with transient global amnesia TGA — a sudden, temporary affair of memory loss that affects between 23 and 32 ancestor out ofeach year in the United States. The incident was reported in the Journal of Emergency Medicineand doctors were a little stumped. That's because researchers aren't exactly sure what causes TGA. A study published all the rage Stroke found that patients along with TGA tend to have absence of the valves in the jugular vein, which carries deoxygenated blood from the brain en route for the heart. Sex isn't the only trigger — transient comprehensive amnesia may also be caused by other physically strenuous activities. Fortunately, people who experience this curious condition usually get their memory back within a a small amount of hours, and it's unlikely en route for happen again.

This happens because during menopause, females can have spikes in histamine. Histamine is the chemical so as to causes allergic reactions. Osteoporosis All through perimenopause, a decline in estrogen can also result in a loss of bone density. All the rage severe cases, this osteoporosis, which causes the bones to be converted into more fragile and break by a long chalk. Irregular heartbeat Some females can experience an irregular heartbeat, before arrhythmia, during or after menopause. It is always best en route for discuss symptoms relating to the heart with a doctor. Amount odor Hot flashes and dark sweats can result in an increase in body odor all through menopause. If a female a lot feels stressed or anxious, they may also notice that they are sweating more.

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