What Is a Cuckold Relationship?

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Things to Consider Cuckolding describes a dynamic in which one partner derives pleasure from their partner being intimate with another person. This fetish or kink is commonly believed to be enjoyed by only heterosexual men and their wives, but anybody can enjoy cuckolding. Gay men have enjoyed practicing it in relationships, as have women and people of all orientations. In fact, the term cuckquean is used for women who enjoy seeing their partner be intimate with others. This leaves other parents to care for these eggs until they hatch.

Can you repeat that? exactly is cuckolding? Historically, the term cuckold refers to a man who was unknowingly cheated on by his wife. Is it common? Apparently — all the same pinning down specific numbers is tricky given the delicate character of the topic.

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Although what is it, and why do people enjoy it? Activate like your worst nightmare? Not everyone agrees. In November the Independent reported reported that Google searches for 'cuckolding' hit a peak, and according to Google Trends, the UK is agree with only to the Netherlands all the rage searches for the kink. Why would someone be into cuckolding? As with any sexual craze it's hard to pin along one particular reason, but psychologists have suggested that sexual covetousness - and getting aroused as a result of it - might be concurrent to biology. In his charge Insatiable Wives, psychologist Dr David Ley outlines the possibility so as to watching your wife with a big cheese else will turn you arrange so you can compete after that 'beat' their sperm for fertilisation This fantasy has been about as long as marriage after that sexuality, he says, pointing absent that references to the bend have existed since the 13th century. Ley also explains so as to the sheer taboo nature of the fetish - society afterwards all deems adultery a fault - might be a basic reason for the turn-on.

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