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Our bodies use two main types of fuel: fat and carbohydrates — and most of us wish we could tell them to burn a bit more of our fat reserves! Well, some new research suggests that there is a way, just by timing when we eat with when we exercise. We heard of a laboratory test done by Dr Adam Collins of the University of Surrey which suggested that the amount of fat we burn changes based on whether we eat before or after exercise — and that this seemed to be different for men and women. We took 13 men and 17 women who did not normally do a lot of exercise, and for 4 weeks they all took part in a 3 supervised classes a week: high intensity training, Zumba and spin classes. All of them had a drink both before and after each exercise class, but one of their drinks was a placebo had no calories in itwhilst the other was a carefully calorie-controlled hit of carbohydrate. No one knew who was taking which drink when. Results Whilst all the women ended up burning slightly more fat at the end of the experiment, those who were taking carbohydrates before their exercise were burning more. Meanwhile, all the men were actually burning slightly less fat at the end of the experiment, but those who were taking carbohydrates after their exercise were better off. We saw no significant differences in their weights or waist circumference, but their blood sugar levels changed in the same way as their fat burning.

I tricked you. No, I bidding not be offering any authority loss, fitness, nutrition, or assembly advice in this blog. The perfect body. I hate so as to word, perfect. I hate how easily it gets paired along with the word body.

Affix to the basics We appreciate daily exercise is good designed for optimizing health. But not en route for worry. Check out the 10 exercises you can do designed for ultimate fitness. After 30 being — although you can additionally do them just twice a week — you should accompany improvements in your muscular asset, endurance, and balance. Plus, advertisement a difference in how your clothes fit — winning! Individual surefire way to attack your fitness regimen effectively? Keep the fuss to a minimum after that stick with the basics. Lunges Challenging your balance is an essential part of a well-rounded exercise routine.

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