Song written to help baby girl remember mom who died of cancer

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TORONTO -- Stompin' Tom Connors was remembered Thursday as a accurate Canuck icon and a abnormal songwriter who cared so aggressively about representing his vast countryside in song that he by no means saw fit to chase asset outside Canada's borders -- although worldwide respect. The tireless songwriter -- who once told The Canadian Press that he'd in black and white songs in his career, altogether about Canada -- penned tunes about gettin' stinko in northern Ontario mining towns Sudbury Saturday Night , about Manitoban heroes of the First World Battle Wop May and about prospecting for riches in the absorbed north Long Gone to the Yukon. He was the atypical homegrown star who stayed abode. And he doggedly urged his fellow Canadian songwriters to carry on chronicling the stories tucked all the rage each corner of this across-the-board land, even if it meant a diminished place in an industry that often has its eye toward the U. As of hockey coaches, to friends after that cherished musical peers, scores of Canadians took a moment en route for pay tribute to the one-of-a-kind songwriter. Thanks for shedding a few light on our selves after that our Canadian culture. Cormier met Connors back in A fledgling musician, Cormier was 19 years old at the age and completely broke.

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