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What Now? If this franchise is going to move forward, it's going to have to get Brady Tkachuk under contract and surround him and the Sens' other young studs with established NHL talent. More than anything else, professional sports are about selling hope. And the Senators have that particular commodity in abundance these days. But with that hope comes a level of expectation. At some point, the consumers are going to want to see a tangible return on their investment. A great run and an overtime goal in a nothing game are nice, but there has to be a sense that this team is moving forward.

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Larger Image This is an air of a bilingual R brand. It reads: This home meets the R Standard. What you get when you choose an R home Energy savings Cutback on your energy bills is important to consider when you buy a home, and R homes are some of the most energy-efficient on the advertise. Your designer and builder bidding choose the most effective after that affordable way to build your R home for your area climate and how you animate. All R homes have above what be usual levels of insulation and an airtight building envelope, which translates into energy savings for you. Your actual cost savings bidding depend on the local costs of your main fuel basis the number of people active in the home your daily life Health benefits For 35 years, R homes have set the standard for indoor air attribute.

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