Minding my disabled daughter: ‘I don’t want to do this any more’

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Windows Windows 11 was inclusively designed to support productivity, creativity, and ease of use for people with disabilities. Find out how Microsoft helps make everyone more inclusive and independent. Xbox strives to eliminate barriers, and to empower gamers to play the way they play. Vision Hearing Neurodiversity Learning Mobility Mental health Distinguish colors easily Boost contrast or get rid of color entirely—whether you have colorblindness, light sensitivity, or a visual preference, with color filters you can customize your screen's color palette. You can use Tell Me to assist with formatting, discover the difficult-to-find capabilities and even get scoped help in the Office apps using everyday language. Do things quickly with Tell Me Experience maps in 3D sound Microsoft Soundscape is a research project that uses innovative audio-based technology to enable people with blindness or low vision to build a richer awareness of their surroundings, thus becoming more confident navigating new environments. Learn how Soundscape works Work with assistive technologies Office apps work seamlessly with screen readers and keyboards on most devices.

Source: The Washington Post None of this is that surprising. Designed for centuries, white Americans treated Black people as less than being, as bodies valued only designed for the work they could accomplish, Jane Dunhamn, the director of the National Black Disability Alliance, told me. Today Black ancestor with disabilities are still all the more marginalized, by both racism after that ableism. What does this bankruptcy say about us as a society? Our culture tends en route for portray people with disabilities at the same time as superheroes or martyrs, she says. We pity them or deposit them on a pedestal.

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